Show Me A Sign                                   words and music by Hank Easton


Verse 1:


I wish that I could forget

The day when I, when I said goodbye

A part of me has gone

Leaving only, only memories behind




Show me a sign

Just to ease my mind

Forever searching, hoping

SheŐll be waiting

When itŐs my time

Verse 2:


I held her that day

CouldnŐt let go, and still

Still I havenŐt let go

Precious the moments we shared

Time didnŐt care

Took Tash far from here



Instrumental bridge

Verse 3:

A bun full of honey

Sweet and innocent

Always by my side

Majestic, proud, sometimes loud

But always

Always the life of the party


Chorus out

©1993 Henry M. Easton (aka.Hank Easton) ASCAP

§2007 Bun Full Of Honey Music ASCAP