Peace or Pain                                           Words and music by Hank Easton

Verse 1:

WeÕll grow old only to find

A friend we knew is stuck in time

He wonÕt change,  no he wonÕt grow

Does he fear?  Does he know?

Verse 2:

Life goes on,  time heals our souls

We find treasures sometimes stones

All I know is I wonÕt go

Just stay here and grow old


But do you feel the pain youÕve brought

To those who loved you?

Pain youÕve caused

The son who loved you?

Now youÕve gone and you donÕt even know

What youÕve done,  what you had

Verse 3:

You left this world no reason why

Our blood grew cold our aching cries

If youÕd known would you have stayed?

Had you known you might be here today

Verse 4:

Is there peace or pain outside

This world of ours youÕve left behind

Wish IÕd known how you felt

Wish IÕd known how to help you



Chorus out

©1994 Henry Mark Easton (aka.Hank Easton) ASCAP

§2007 Bun Full Of Honey Music ASCAP