Little One                                     words and music by Hank Easton

Sleep my little baby,  rest my little one

Little one my little bun

Safe inside your mamaÕs tum tum

Warm and cozy here youÕre rising

Soon youÕll be here too

Many years and many fears

The thought of you brings me to tears

And everyday for you I pray

I hope youÕre safe and warm

The changing leaves October brings

The beginning of it all

When you arrive the sun will shine

Everywhere on earth

So sleep my little baby,  rest my little one

Sleep my little child,  God bless my little one

IÕm awake most every night

While you and mom sleep snug and tight

Months from now youÕll lie beside us

Our two hearts in one

The sun and rain grow grass and trees

Your lifeÕs brought me to my knees

Our little one whose heart is beating

WeÕre waiting here for you

We saw you on the screen today

You looked so at peace

No we donÕt want to bother you

We know you need your sleep

©2002 Henry M. Easton (aka.Hank Easton) ASCAP 

§2007 Bun Full Of Honey Music ASCAP