AinÕt DoinÕ Right                           words and music by Hank Easton





Verse 1:

Each day IÕm here I spend some time

ThinkinÕ Ôbout what I ainÕt doinÕ right

Sometimes IÕm so,  so all alone I wish I could die

But I find hope when I look in your eyes


Just follow your heart,  hear what itÕs saying

Stop and listen,  see what youÕve been missing

The pain inside  Ôcause you ainÕt doinÕ right

Verse 2:

We all forget how to live our lives

Too busy thinking,  Ôbout tomorrow

Not today,  no I canÕt waste my time,  Oh no

Think IÕll do what I do best,  make some music,  sweet music

This song can relieve you  (yes it can)

As your dreams fade away  (donÕt get caught up dreaminÕ)




Verse 3:

This could be the last song I write

So I canÕt forget how to do it right

Got to make someone smile

Make them feel all right

Go find your lady,  look in her eyes

Tell her you love her,  as you hold her tight

YouÕll feel so much better

You know youÕre doinÕ right

Chorus Out



©1993 Henry Mark Easton (aka.Hank Easton) ASCAP 

§2007 Bun Full Of Honey Music ASCAP